There are numerous beaches in our area including Thines, Vartholomio, Glyfa, Arkoudi, Kyllinis and Kastro, which are rated as the best beaches in Greece and are distinguished every year with the Blue Flag.

The Ionian Sea, only 2 km away, with a heavenly 4 km long beach of fine sand, deep blue, crystal clear and turquoise water invites you to dream and relax. Because the beach slowly slopes into the sea it is a true paradise for children as well as beach walkers, or beach-tennis enthusiasts.

Whether you have a desire for lounging around or getting moving, nothing is left to be desired on this less frequented dream beach. You have the choice of enjoying the unique feeling of a private beach, or making yourself comfortable at one of the few small beach oases beneath an umbrella on a chaise lounge with a Greek frappé. Either way - you will be delighted.